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Stay & Train

The Dog Classroom is pleased to be offering STay & Train (Board & Train services on a limited basis.

This training option is ideal for:

  • getting puppies started off on the right paw with socialization and basic foundations for training

  • dogs with some prior training struggling to master skills in certain environments

  • dogs whose families want to improve or maintain their dog's skills while on holidays

  • dogs with limited or no prior training looking to build strong foundations

Board & Train is ideal for teaching skills incuding:

  • verbal and hand signal cues,

  • body handling,

  • equipment conditioning,

  • leash walking,

  • recall

  • crate training

  • settling

  • boundary training

  • socialization

  • or for specific issues that you need a little extra support with (mild to moderate leash reactivity, desensitization for fear-related issues).

Board & Train is not ideal for:

  • Separation anxiety

  • Resource guarding of a specific individual

  • Certain types of aggression or reactivity (discuss with trainer)

It also requires commitment from dog owners in terms of transferring skills and follow up sessions, some of which may be at an additional cost to the Board & Train program.


How it Works

Contact Us to discuss whether Board & Train is right for you and your dog.


For dogs who are not existing clients of The Dog Classroom, an intake session is required where a trainer will meet with you to discuss your specific situation. Following the Intake Meeting, you can schedule your dog's Board & Train stay, or another option based on the trainer's recommendation.

During your dog's Board & Train stay, your dog will live in the trainer's home and be part of the family during their stay. The trainer will work on the skills you have agreed on. The packages include the following daily activities:

  • Training (1hr/day) split into multiple sessions

  • Minimum 45mins/day of physical activity/walking

  • Minimum 1/day food enrichment

  • Potty breaks, decompression time, and human interaction given liberally but appropriately

The trainer will provide a daily activity log, description of exercises and skills worked on and dog's level of skill, regular updates of progress, and a one hour transfer session on the last day of Board & Train, including initial homework following their stay.

For Board & Train packages over 3 weeks long, or for specific tasks related to service dog or gundog work, please contact us directly to discuss.

We pledge never to use a shock or prong collar on your dog. Our training does not include the use of force, fear, or pain. We will treat your dog with kindness and respect.


Board & Train -
1 week

Ideal for puppies, dogs with prior experience in our classes, individuals looking for a tune-up of existing skills.

Clients will be able to select a limited number of skills to work on during this 1-week package.

Dogs must be comfortable being left alone in a safe, enclosed area for up to 4 hours.




Board & Train -
2 weeks

Ideal for puppies, dogs with limited training experience, those looking to instill foundation skills, work on crate training, and generally wanting a more well-rounded training experience.




Board & Train

A less intensive Board & Train program available to previous Board & Train clients only, or on recommendation of the trainer



The Fine Print

Board & Train packages are non-refundable.


We cannot ethically guarantee results. Every dog is different and some things may take more time for certain dogs. Owner follow up, commitment and consistency is also a big factor in whether the training is successful at home, which is why a Transfer Session is included in each package.

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