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Branching Out


You had fun in Puppy Playschool, started on the right path in Beginning with Basics, and strengthened those skills in The Next Step. So what's next?


Introducing Branching Out, a course designed to help you and your dog continue the path of life long learning.


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Branching Out


Now that you have some obedience skills and have been able to practice them using distance, distraction and duration in The Next Step, come try Branching Out!


This class will show you how to take these skills and apply them to  everyday life. It will introduce you to new, fun and innovative training paths such as Clicker Training, Agility, Musical Freestyle, and Trick Dog Training.  You will also learn more techniques to teach your dog impulse control and body awareness to apply in everyday life or on any branch of the path you pursue.


Prerequisite: The Next Step

Click on your preferred start date to sign up through our secure online registration system. Payment can be completed online or arrangements can be made to pay in person.


All class prices are including HST.

The next set of classes will start:

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