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Dog Walking Services

The Dog Classroom is pleased to be offering Dog Walking services, in addition to our Walk & Train program, to existing clients of The Dog Classroom.

Who It's For

This program is available for dogs who have taken classes or private lessons with The Dog Classroom*.

The Dog Walking program is a way for you to have your dog walked mid-day by a trusted professional who is familiar with the type of training, level of care, and positive interactions you expect for your dog.

*Please note that for reactive dogs or dogs who need extra training on walks, our Walk & Train program is recommended.


How it Works

Contact Us to schedule your Intake Session. Please include your address so we can match you with a dog walker in your area. Your Dog Walker will be in touch to take care of the rest, including:

  1. Scheduling your Intake Meeting/Trial Walk - this is a chance for you and your dog to get to know your dog walker, and for you to identify any of your dog's specific preferences, to ensure everything goes smoothly.

  2. Schedule your individual walks on dates of your choosing

At this time we only offer private, on-leash walks (one dog at a time).

We pledge never to use a shock or prong collar on your dog. Our training and interactions with dogs do not include the use of force, fear, or pain. We will treat your dog with kindness and respect.



If, after the Intake Meeting, you do not want to schedule a package, you can pay for the intake session here and schedule single walks on an as-needed basis


  • 1 Intake Meeting and Trial Walk

  • Valid for 3 months





Pay-per-walk option - MUST have Intake Session prior to booking


  • 1 private, on-leash walk (45 minute visit)





Discounted rate for scheduling 5 walks


  • 1 Intake Meeting and Trial Walk

  • 5 private, on-leash walks (45 minute visits)

  • Options to renew for packages of 5 or 10 walks



save $50

The Fine Print

If the Dog Walker is unable to continue walks due to the dog’s behaviour, they may recommend transferring any remaining balance toward Walk & Train, Private Lessons, or refund the remaining balance.

Clients choose the days needed for walking but specific times (morning/afternoon) are chosen by the Dog Walker to maximize efficiency. If you would like to request a specific time please discuss with your Dog Walker who may be able to accommodate on a case-by-case basis, or see Walk & Train for which specific times can be chosen.

Compare to Walk & Train

Our Dog Walking service is a cost-effective way for your dog to get exercise while being in the care of a trusted member of The Dog Classroom staff who will reinforce your dog’s existing leash walking skills.

Not sure which program is right for your dog? Consider Walk & Train :

  • If your dog needs more training to walk without excessive pulling;

  • If your dog lunges and barks at dogs or people; 

  • If your dog shows excessive fear or anxiety on walks;

  • If you need extra help to train your dog and want a professional trainer to get you started;


If your dog walks fairly well and you just want a trusted professional to get your dog some mid-day exercise, choose the Dog Walking program.

See chart below for comparison

walking comparison.png
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