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We believe that dog training and behaviour services from certified, qualified professionals should be accessible to all. See details below for eligibility and application


Biscuit's Bursary


Biscuit's family is sponsoring spots in The Dog Classroom's Reactive Dog Webinar for dog owners in need of assistance.

Biscuit's Story:
"Biscuit the Schnauzer was a happy girl. She was a much loved family pet, companion, and best friend.

This august, Biscuit sadly passed the Rainbow Bridge. While she enjoyed an evening walk with her owner, on leash, another dog rushed and attacked her. Her injuries were too severe and she passed away that night.

Nothing will bring back Biscuit. Nothing will erase the trauma of her owner, but we can help stop it from happening to someone else.

We, Biscuit's Family, are teaming up with The Dog Classroom and are offering to sponsor some registrations into their Reactive Dog Webinar.

If you feel your dog needs help; if you feel you need help in teaching your dog; please reach out to The Dog Classroom and enroll in this class. Please don't let this happen to anyone else's family member.

Learn, educate yourself, educate your dog. Be a positive change.

Thank you,
Biscuit's Family"


Scholarship Program


The Dog Classroom is subsidizing our own Scholarship Program to help dog owners who need financial assistance to get help with training their dog from reliable sources.

At this time, we have two ways to access Scholarships:

-Full scholarships are available for our online programs

-Partial scholarships are available for in-person classes ($50 scholarship)

Our scholarship program is based on the honour system. Eligibility to apply is as follows:

  • You could not afford to attend the webinar without the Scholarship

  • You can receive a Scholarship no more than 3 times per calendar year

If you meet the eligibility requirements, please fill out the application below.

If you aren't sure or have any questions, please contact us

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