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Online Learning


For all dogs who want to learn!  We welcome dogs of all ages and with a variety of backgrounds and skill levels in this online course.

During this 7-week course, participants will have access to our full video library with step-by-step demonstrations of a variety of different behaviours and the opportunity to submit videos for feedback from a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

A class meeting will be held once per week for 7 weeks via Zoom to work live in real time with your dog from the comfort of your home.

All you will need is an internet-connected device with a camera and microphone (computer/laptop, smart phone, tablet, etc.) and the desire to learn and work with your dog!

Life Skills

Polite Greetings

Impulse control

Confidence building

Focus and attention building

Body Awareness

Training Skills

Sit, Down & Stand (verbal & hand signal cues)

Leave it & Take it

Go to mat/Settle


Loose-leash walking skills

Come when called


Human Skills

Positive reinforcement training

Timing & Placement of rewards

Fading a food lure properly

Training new hand signal cues

Training new verbal cues

Leash handling skills

Reading body language

Grooming & Husbandry

Relationship building


What to bring to class:

  • 6ft leash (non-retractable/flexi leash)


  • Training tools - flat collar, harness, gentle leader/halti (we do not use choke chains, martingales, or prong collars in our training programs)


  • A variety of treats (ex. kibble, semi-moist treats, freeze-dried liver)


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