Seminars and Workshops

Occasionally we will run educational seminars and hands-on workshops on training or other pet-related subjects. Please see the Workshops page for the full list.


The Dog Classroom also offers Workplace Seminars for those who work in professions where they may come into contact with dogs (delivery service, meter readers, etc.).

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Surviving Adolescence Workshop


This 2-session workshop is a hybrid model (part 1 online, part 2 in person).

If your teenage dog seems to have forgotten everything they've ever learned, this workshop is for you! This workshop will help you to understand why your dog is going through this challenging phase, and give you some strategies to get through it.

Both sessions are included in the cost.
Session #1: ONLINE via Zoom,
Session #2: IN PERSON

The online session will feature common behaviour changes that happen during adolescence, a discussion with Julia MacArthur MSW, RSW to understand why your dog is suddenly acting differently, and training games to practice for the week before the in person session.

The in-person session will be an opportunity for us to practice the new skills and work through challenges with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Surviving Adolescence

$30 incl. HST (online session only)

$60 incl. HST (both sessions)