Seminars and Workshops

Occasionally we will run educational seminars and hands-on workshops on training or other pet-related subjects. Please see the Workshops page for the full list.


The Dog Classroom also offers Workplace Seminars for those who work in professions where they may come into contact with dogs (delivery service, meter readers, etc.). Please see below for more information.

Workplace Seminars


Understanding Dogs Through Their Behaviour Seminar


This seminar is offered to employees of different workplaces that come in contact with a variety of dogs during their workday.


Seminar content - Through pictures, videos and interactive discussion participants will:


  • Learn how to assess the mental state of a dog as fearful, aggressive, friendly or aroused

  • Learn the signals dogs use to communicate and what they mean

  • Come to appreciate dogs' emotions as they impact displays of aggression

  • Learn best practices to keep safe by de-escalating arousal, fear and aggression


Participants will be provided with handouts for their information.


Please contact Anne-Marie directly at 476-6646 or by email to book a seminar or if you have any questions.