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Greeting & Anti-Jumping classes


Here we will list any specialty classes that are running. These are classes that are not regularly scheduled but are run from time to time.  To register for a class online, see instructions below.

Dog Greets World

Does your dog…

  • Jump on people when greeting them?

  • Get overexcited and pull toward other dogs?

  • Ignore everything and focus on people or other dogs nearby? 

Dog Greets World is the class for you!


In this course, you will work with your instructor to create a plan specifically for you and your dog. With a focus on what you WANT your dog to do when they greet and socialize with people and other dogs, Dog Greets World will give you the skills to manage on-leash greetings.

*Please note if your dog is aggressive or fearful of dogs/people, this class may not be the best fit. Contact us if you have any questions.

The classes will be 45 minutes per week for 7 weeks. 


Week 1-2 will be online

Week 3-7 will be in person outdoors.

Prerequisite: The Next Step

Click on your preferred start date to sign up through our secure online registration system. Payment can be completed online or arrangements can be made to pay in person.


All class prices are including HST.

The next set of classes will start:

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