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The Dog Classroom Policies

By registering for any services provided by The Dog Classroom including but not limited to classes, consultations, seminars, and workshops, you are hereby agreeing to abide by our Policies & Procedures.


last update: November 2022

Group Class Policies


 Payment Policies
  1. In order to hold your spot, payment will need to be submitted with your online registration.


How to Pay

  • PayPal (you do not need an account to pay by credit card) or 

  • E-transfer to We also accept cash or cheque payments.

  • Cash/Cheque - drop-off will need to be arranged by phone at (807)476-6646 or by email at within 24 hours of your registration.

    2.  If you have not made payment (or arrangements to pay) by the next business day, your registration will be removed.


Class Attendance Policies
  1. Vaccination Requirements - dogs over 16 weeks of age must have up to date DA2PP and Rabies vaccines. Bordetella is recommended. For dogs under 16 weeks of age, they must be on an appropriate vaccine schedule and must have first set at least 10 days prior to class starting. 

  2. Female dogs in heat - Please inform your instructor before class if your dog is in heat. They may attend at the instructor’s discretion, but must wear a protective covering at all times when on The Dog Classroom property and will not participate in play time.

  3. Any dog excessively urinating (or “marking”) in the training facility will be required to wear a protective covering (belly band or diaper)

  4. If your dog is showing signs of illness (coughing or gagging, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.) please consult your veterinarian as to whether your dog should attend classes. 

  5. Dogs must be on leash at all times unless specifically directed by the instructor. Leashes can be any material (nylon, leather, etc) and ideally around 6-8ft long. Long lines (10ft +) may be used in certain classes when directed by the instructor. No retractable leashes are permitted.

  6. Dogs must be wearing an appropriately fitted harness, collar, or head collar. See our equipment guidelines for examples. No prong, choke, spray, vibration, or shock collars are permitted.

  7. If the instructor determines that your dog is unduly disruptive (including reactivity, aggression, or excessive/unmanageable barking) an alternative class may be recommended, or you may be offered a credit toward private training.


If you require clarification on any of these policies, please contact us before completing registration.

Refund Policy

Our programs have limited spots available in order to maintain quality of service. If you need to cancel your reserved spot, you agree to notify us at least 3 business days before the class begins in order to receive a refund or credit. After this time, class fees are non-refundable.

COVID 19 NOTE: We are following all measures required by public health to allow us to operate safely. We cannot offer refunds due to changes in legislation around COVID19.

If you do not feel comfortable attending group lessons during the pandemic, please consider choosing private or online lessons to suit your comfort level. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about how we can work together safely.

Class Cancellation Policy

The Dog Classroom reserves the right to cancel a program. In the event of a cancellation, you will be notified and offered a refund or credit.


Aggression & Reactivity Policy


We pride ourselves on providing a safe and comfortable environment for dogs and their owners. In order to maintain this atmosphere, we have implemented the following policies regarding aggressive behaviour in group classes:

1. Separation or Removal from Class

If a dog displays aggressive or reactive behaviour in class, they will be separated for off-leash play time. If the dog continues to display these behaviours during regular class time, the dog will be removed from class and you may be offered an alternate class or private lessons.


2. Owner Responsibilities

When attending training classes, the owner of the dog is responsible for the behaviour and actions of their dog and any damage that they may cause. If a dog makes contact with another dog (nipping or pinning down), or has punctured another dog, the dog at fault will be removed from training class with no refund.  Owners will be offered private lessons at cost to the owner to work through the behaviours.  The owner of the dog will pay for damages due to the actions of their dog to a person, another animal or property.

3. Owner Liability

In the event that The Dog Classroom becomes liable by operations of law to any third party because of behaviour of the owner’s dog while said pet is in class or on the property, the pet owner agrees to indemnify The Dog Classroom in full, including any legal costs incurred for any liability otherwise determined in favour of the said third party.



By registering for any services provided by The Dog Classroom including but not limited to classes, consultations, seminars, and workshops, you are hereby agreeing to abide by our Policies & Procedures.

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