Specialty Classes


Here we will list any specialty classes that are running. These are classes that are not regularly scheduled but are run from time to time.  To register for a class online, see instructions below. You can also register by calling 476-6646.

Dog Parkour Class

About Dog Parkour:

Dog Parkour, sometimes called Urban Agility, is an up-and-coming dog sport.  Dog Parkour is non competitive, although you can earn titles, and is a great way to get out and have fun with your dog.  It combines elements of human parkour and dog agility to create a fun, accessible activity for dogs and their owners.


Parkour is a great way to explore the outdoors, conquer new obstacles while increasing your dog's strength, fitness and body awareness.  It is an excellent way to use positive training methods to build your dog's confidence or challenge them to problem solve on the go in a variety of locations and environments.  


About the Class

This four-session class will be held outdoors at a different location each week. Dogs will be working on leash, and a harness or flat collar is required.  We will work on Parkour skill building including body awareness; maintaining a stay in a sit, stand, or down in a distracting environment; placing two paws on an obstacle; balance; crawling; jumping; sending around; and going through.  The second half of each class will include an on leash walk, identifying parkour obstacles in the environment and practicing executing parkour behaviours safely. 




Prerequisite: Beginning with Basics


Tricks Class

Tricks are fantastic way to develop a stronger relationship with your dog and build confidence! Training tricks is an easy way to grow your training skills and become a better teammate for your dog. Plus, who doesn’t love a fun dog trick that makes for a fabulous Instagram, or to impress friends and family!

The tricks that we will explore in this class will have to do with going over, under, and through things and will be building
on the foundation skills that you have already trained.


We will also explore how these tricks can be used in activities like Rally, Canine Freestyle, Trick dog titles, and more




Prerequisite: Beginning with Basics


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Dance with Me


This Canine Musical Freestyle class includes a fun mix of tricks, your favourite obedience moves, and performance heelwork which are practiced in a flow to music! Canine Freestyle is a fun way to improve your bond with your dog, work on attention and focus, and sharpen your training skills.


Come out and have fun with your dog while getting your groove on in Dance with Me!




Prerequisite: Beginning with Basics or permission of instructor



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