Stay & Train

The Dog Classroom and Lilac Grove Boarding Kennel have teamed up to offer Stay n' Train!

For dogs over 16 weeks old, this training option allows you to drop your dog off at beautiful Lilac Grove for their Daycare program, with the addition of training sessions with our Certified Professional Dog Trainers.

Stay & Train is ideal for busy people looking to get a start on the basics (verbal and hand signal cues, body handling, equipment conditioning, leash walking) or for specific issues that you need a little extra support with (mild to moderate reactivity, settle on a mat, desensitization for fear-related issues).


Even if your dog just needs a refresher course in some areas, we have a package for that!

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How it Works



Contact Us to schedule your Stay & Train visit. We will discuss package options, priority training behaviours, and schedule your Stay & Train dates.

You will drop off your dog to Lilac Grove before 10:00am on your scheduled day. Lilac Grove staff will greet you and bring your dog in to the boarding facility. Lilac Grove has a 1 acre fenced in park as well as walking trails where walks, playtime, and training take place. We will work on training for 45 minutes to 1 hour per day, with rest breaks and play time as needed. Once that day's training is complete, your dog will return  to the boarding facility where they can enjoy the rest of their Daycare experience! Two days a week is recommended for best results.

We pledge never to use a shock or prong collar on your dog. Our training does not include the use of force, fear, or pain. We will treat your dog with kindness and respect.



Ideal for a refresher or for introducing a single behaviour. We recommend 2 days per week for best results.


  • 2 days of daycare at Lilac Grove

  • 2 training sessions from a Certified trainer

  • 1 transfer session

  • Follow up support





Best option for teaching new behaviours or for most grooming/handling issues


  • 8 days of daycare at Lilac Grove

  • 8 training sessions from a Certified trainer

  • 2 transfer sessions

  • Follow up support



save $15



For the very busy dog owner or while you're on vacation! Ideal for teaching multiple new behaviours, addressing fear issues, or to teach tricks and add enrichment to their stay at the kennel.


  • 20 days of daycare at Lilac Grove

  • 20 training sessions from a Certified trainer

  • 3 transfer sessions

  • Follow up support



save $50

The Fine Print

Lilac Grove requires up-to-date vaccines including Rabies and Intranasal Bordetella for boarding or daycare dogs

Dogs with severe aggression issues toward people or dogs are not suitable for Stay & Train. Please contact us to schedule a Behaviour Consultation if your dog has aggression issues.

Stay & Train packages are non-refundable.


We cannot ethically guarantee results. Every dog is different and some things may take more time for certain dogs. Owner commitment and consistency is also a big factor in whether the training is successful at home, which is why the Transfer Sessions are included in all of our packages.