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Below are some testimonials from past and current clients of The Dog Classroom. If you would like to submit a testimonial, please send us an email or leave a review on the Facebook page or Google Reviews!

"Having Charlie do a class with The Dog Classroom was great, even when we had to stop in person classes [due to COVID19] they immediately jumped to online which was so great. The classes made me connect more to my dog, I can't wait to start agility with him and make our bond even closer! Thank you to Amelia, the amount of questions she answered for me was above and beyond!" - Rebecca D.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my first time experience with The Dog Classroom. It was a fun and relaxed atmosphere. My dog and I learned a lot. When Covid hit our world , this business was able to adapt to make sure our pets continued their learning. The virtual teaching was fantastic." -Susan A.

"The Dog Classroom is such a supportive and amazing place filled with trainers that are genuinely invested in you and your Dog's success, couldn't ask for a more knowledgeable, compassionate and caring team" - Heather B.

"Mya, my little 1 year old rescue, has come a long way after attending classes with Anne Marie. The classes are relaxed, informative and fun. Mya's behaviour has improved considerably and her anxiety issues have significantly decreased. She gets so excited when I tell her we're going to doggie class. Thanks for all the help!" - Maureen M.


"I love attending classes at The Dog Classroom!!! My pup and I have learned so much and come a long way in just a few months! The instructors are very knowledgeable, fun, and always willing to help! I’m looking forward to many more lessons with Oscar! And he’s looking forward to more playtime I think!!!" - Jennifer H.


"Anne Marie can teach an old dog new tricks! We drive 2 hours each way to take classes here and it's worth every minute of it! Highly recommend!" - Cathy Q.


"All the instructors at The Dog Class Room are awesome! Everyone was extremely helpful in every way. Looking forward to more classes! Thank you all !!!!" - Trish F.



"Really great instructors- we have taken 2 classes now and have been impressed both times! Really great environment that allows you (and your dog) to learn and grow at your own pace - while pushing you each class towards success!" - Michelle K.


"Our Berner Tessa loves the Dog Classroom. Shes learned alot in a friendly and safe environment. Her social skills and playtime are her favorite lol. She wants to say Thank you to her wonderful trainers" - Liz D.


"Great place to learn how to train your dog. Amazing facility. Staff are extremely knowledgeable. And helpful." - Ken B.


"Anne Marie & her trainers are the best. She's helped us so much with our 'problem child'. Experienced, firm & kind - thanks Anne Marie!!" - Sue S.


"We are only on our 2nd class, but already I have learned so much! Tikka is a natural, its Johnny and I that have the learning to do! Thank you Anne Marie and Amelia."- Sheri S.


"Taken our dog to three classes there now and I can't even describe the amazing improvement since day one! Our dog had a lot of fun. Anne-Marie was amazing at understanding problem areas and helping us improve on them." -Sarah J.


"Wonderful staff and facility. I feel a lot more comfortable communicating with my dog and it's refreshing to have her look to me for direction. Hope to be back soon." - Sasha B.


"Took my pup through both the Beginning with Basics and The Next Step. Both trainers in each class were extremely helpful with both general training and specific guidance with various struggles we were having. As first time dog owners we were full of questions of how to manage different behaviours and they took all our questions (even the silly ones) seriously and offered great advice. They were even able to recommend a good quality harness to help walk a very large pup, which made training a whole lot easier. They use a positive approach in training and we have had excellent results with our dog. Looking forward to bringing our newest rescue puppy to classes, looking forward even more to the great results we know we will receive." - Kayla B.


"Love this place. Anne-Marie and her trainers have done wonders for my dog. I feel at home and all my issues are addressed. The suggestions given are tailored to the needs of my dog. Highly recommend this training facility." - Heather M.


"I had no idea what to do.  My two dogs and I recently moved to Thunder Bay from a large rural property where they were never on leash.  They did not adjust well to walking on a leash or seeing other dogs.  After a particularly scary experience, I realized we needed help.  Anne-Marie provided a one-on-one consultation for the three of us.  Using the practical skills and knowledge she taught us, I was able to work with my dogs and saw real improvement in a short time.  We then joined the Reactive Dog Class.  It was fun and very educational.  I am now confident to walk my dogs in any situation.  I know exactly how to handle it, even if that means turning around and walking away.   Surprisingly, my relationship with my dogs is much better as well."  - Rhonda H.


"Anne-Marie and Mike have been so accommodating to my rescue dogs various issues, they've truly gone above and beyond to specifically help her and the improvements have been clear. Thank you guys so much!- Chantal P.

"Super knowledgeable, patient trainers who train not only the dogs but the families as well. An excellent experience!"- Cheryl M.


"Anne-Marie and her team are fantastic! Highly recommended!" - Ryan M.


"After having a private session with Anne-Marie, with a very fearful foster dog buddy, I am very pleased to say that his training is going well. we are taking it slow and easy, but have immense faith that with the techniques taught, time and patience, buddy will succeed and be much happier. thank you so much for all your help." - Darlene V.



"We just attended our first class/consultation for our pup Samson at The Dog Classroom this evening. Had a great time and so did Samson :) Very thankful for all the wonderful suggestions and excited to get started with training. Most of all we appreciate Anne-Marie's patient explanations of "why" we are using specific techniques. We've already implemented one of the recommendations since we arrived home!" - Kyla M.


"Great instructors and classes! I have been attending the classes for over three years now and have throughly enjoyed them. This past year my Labrador Retriever Mandi and I participated in the NADAC Agility Trials and plan to attend future events as well!"  - Darren B.



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