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Private Training Lessons


The Dog Classroom offers Private Training Lessons as well as Behaviour Consultations. Please see below for more information on individual consultations.

If you are interested in the Reactive Dog group class, please click here or see the drop-down menu under Consultations and select Reactive Dog Classes.


For people who can't commit to weekly training sessions, who prefer one on one instruction, who have dogs who can't focus in a group class, or whatever your reason may be we offer Private Training sessions.


These lessons are for training rather than behavioural issues. If your dog is experiencing behaviour problems such as aggression, reactivity, anxiety, etc. you may want to schedule a Behaviour Consultation or ask about Reactive Dog Classes.

Private lessons start at $80

To schedule a private lesson with Amelia click here  for online registration. To schedule a private lesson with Anne-Marie or Kelsey please email us or call (807)476-6646.

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