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Reactive Dog Classes

The Dog Classroom runs a group class for dogs who display reactivity (over-arousal, aggression, excitement, etc.) to other dogs or people while on leash. A brief discussion with Anne-Marie is required before joining this class.

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Reactive Class


This class is for dogs who display reactivity (aggression) to other dogs or people while on leash.


During these classes the goal is to have your dog comfortable working with you while there are other dogs or people in the environment. We will also work on some training skills including loose-leash walking, sits and downs, stays, leave it and take it.  You will also build your dog's confidence through agility inspired exercises and equipment.



Prerequisite: Reactive Dog Seminar or a behaviour consultation

Next class available:

Saturday November 5th to December 17th

4:00 to 5:00 PM

To register please call Anne-Marie at 476-6646 or email


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