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Kids Training Dogs


Classes are held at The Dog Classroom (290 Hazelwood Drive, 5 minutes from County Fair Mall). To register for a class online, see instructions below. You can also register by calling 476-6646.

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Kids Training Dogs


This class is designed to teach children age 7-13 the foundation skills needed to train their dogs and strengthen the bond between them. Children must be able to physically manage the dog in class (head halters and harnesses are allowed) and parents must be present for the duration of the class.


Proof of vaccination required upon registration.



  • How dogs learn

  • Handling the dog

  • Household behaviours and manners

  • Tricks

  • Walking the dog

  • Tips for coexisting peacefully (understanding body language, preventing issues)

  • Playing with your dog


The next set of classes will start:



What to bring to class:

  • 6ft leash (non-retractable/flexi leash)


  • Training tools - flat collar, harness, gentle leader/halti (we do not use choke chains, martingales, or prong collars in our training programs)


  • A variety of treats (ex. kibble, semi-moist treats, freeze-dried liver)


  • Water dish


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