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Food for Thought

For this article, I wanted to switch gears a little and give you some food for thought with some interesting facts that I have come across through my experiences as a veterinary technician, certified dog trainer and behaviourist.

Here are some interesting facts about our pets:

  1. Some of our everyday foods are toxic for our dogs. Here is a list of the more concerning ones: grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, wild mushrooms, chocolate, macadamia nuts. When buying food or treats for your dog make sure to check the label before purchasing them. If your dog has consumed any of these products make sure to call your veterinary clinic immediately.

  2. Skunks and porcupines can be natural misadventures for us and our dogs. Skunks can spray up to 15 feet so our furry friends as well as ourselves do not even need to get close to absorb the sharp smell. Keep skunk shampoo or a recipe for one at home. Even though it is a myth that porcupines throw their quills, if your dog does make contact with one chances are they will get stuck with a lot of quills. Quills are quite painful to remove so make sure to contact your vet to have them taken out properly with minimal discomfort to your dog.

  3. Overweight pets can suffer from arthritis, diabetes, hypertension & many other problems. So think twice when you want to share your meal with them. I know it is hard to say no to that furry face but remember that it might be in their best interest. This way they may be with us a little longer.

  4. When we are walking or exploring a new environment we need to remember that dogs have an amazing sense of smell and give them the opportunity to use it. This sense of smell can also be used to decrease your dog’s anxiety as dogs are able to detect and benefit from smells that other dogs produce and communicate with. Dog have about 50 times the scent receptors that humans do! The human brain has a large portion dedicated to vision, but dogs have about 1/3 of their brain dedicated to smell. Another fun fact: dog noseprints are just as unique as human’s fingerprint.

  5. A lot of us have found that having a dog or interacting with them helps us reduce stress and anxiety. When these stress emotions are decreased, we tend to be more productive and creative. Another small bonus for living with a furry friend!

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