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Pet First Aid - 15 must-haves

A great way to be safe with your dog this summer is to bring a first aid kit with you when you are heading out camping or hiking.

I have prepared a list for you as to what you should have in your first aid kit.

1)  Gauze squares, cling gauze, and vet wrap for bandaging a wound, as well as scissors and tape to secure the bandage. Gauze squares could also be used to clean a wound or an area on the skin

2)  A small towel. This can be used either covering a small dog or cat (this will help to protect yourself as well as the animal you are handling) or using it to stabilize an arm or leg on a larger dog.

3)  Anti-bacterial soap to clean your hands or to clean a wound

4)  Hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting

5)  Saline solution to flush a wound or eyes that have debris in them

6)  Different sizes of syringes to flush out a wound or give a substance orally

7)  A shoelace to use as an emergency muzzle if you are working with a hurt, scared dog.

8)  A pair of needlenose pliers or hemostats. You may need to use these to remove quills or splinters.

9)   Benadryl, in case your pet has an allergic reaction. Contact your vet for the proper dosage.

10)  Skunk shampoo. Pretty sure you know why.

11)  A pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands or keep the animal clean.

12)  A Tick Twister. This makes it a lot easier to remove a tick than trying to use tweezers or other methods.

13)  Nail trimmers, in case you need to trim a broken nail.

14)  KwikStop or an anticoagulant in case you have a nail bleed while trimming them or if your pet breaks a nail

15)   If you have a first aid book or notes (medication dosages, pet's weights, etc.) store them in your kit to refer to


I recommend that you start with a human first aid kit and then add the more specific items that you need for your dog.  I would also include any medications that your dog needs or has needed in the past.

You should also call your Veterinary Clinic and speak to a professional before you administer first aid to an animal or give any medication.

For those of you that would like to learn more about pet first aid or how to use the items in your first aid kit for your dog or cat I recommend that you register for my Pet First Aid Course.  All the information can be found at

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