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Puppy Vaccination Info

As some of you are aware, most vet clinics in Thunder Bay are no longer taking new clients because there is a severe backlog due to COVID-19. This means that many people with new puppies are not able to get an appointment for vaccinations for several weeks or months.

Due to the way immunity and vaccinations take effect for puppies under 16 weeks, we require that your puppy not only have their first vaccinations to join our classes (usually done with the breeder or rescue around 6-8 weeks), but also that they will be receiving their second set within 4 weeks of the first.

If you aren’t sure whether your puppy is eligible for class or not, please send us a message and include the puppy’s date of birth, date of first vaccinations, and appointment date for their next set and we can help you figure things out!

If you're all set, register online for one of our upcoming classes at

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