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How to Register Online

Watch the video below for instructions on how to create an account register for a class through our online registration system. Please make sure you accept our Policies and select either "Pay with Paypal" or "Mail in Payment" otherwise your registration will not come through.
How to Create Account and Register for Class

1. On our website, select the class you want under the "Training" tab

2. Click on the class date/time you want to register for

3. In the new window, click the blue Sign Up button

4. Click "New Client? Create your account"

5. Type in your email address and click "Go"

6. Fill in your information (all fields in green are required) then scroll down to click the blue "Register" button **please note that completing up to step 6 only registers your account and does not mean you are registered for the class**

7. Select "Add a Dog" from the dropdown and click the blue "Continue" button

8. Fill in your dog's information and click the blue "Save" button

9. Now it will show your dog's name as an option on the dropdown list. Select your dog and click "Continue" where you can type anything you want your instructor to know about you or your dog. "Continue" again

10. Review the total cost and click "Proceed with Registration"

11. Once you have reviewed the policies, check the "I agree" box and click the blue "Agree & Proceed" button

12. Finally, select your payment method (choose PayPal to pay with credit card, or "Mail in Payment" to pay cash/cheque or e-transfer.

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