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The Big Brain Toolbox

The Big Brain Toolbox:
Building Focus & Motivation with Your Dog


LIVE & INTERACTIVE Online 5-week course

Does your dog struggle in the group class, outdoor or other high-distraction environment? Do you find yourself frequently saying “He does it at home!” “She doesn’t normally act like this!” during class or out in public? This online class might just be for you!

It is not uncommon for dogs to struggle with focus during adolescence, in new or high-distraction environments. Overcoming these challenges is possible through training exercises designed to increase focus, as well as an individualized approach to dog learning.

The Big Brain Tool Box is a 5 week online class with the goal of providing you with strategies to increase your dog’s motivation and build focus. Participants and their dogs will meet online weekly to practice a variety of skills, strategies and games. Towards the end of the course, participants will be assisted in putting together their own “Big Brain Toolbox” of strategies tailored to fit their individual needs. We will also discuss how to take these concepts and strategies and apply them to real world training scenarios.

During the classes participants are encouraged to turn their cameras on while practicing with their dogs so that they can receive feedback and celebrate successes with the group. This class is a great opportunity for those dogs who struggle to succeed in the group setting as it allows you to participate and master skills in low distraction from the comfort of your own home.

Homework will consist of practicing the exercises from sessions each week. Homework and practicing the exercises is essential to getting the most out of this course.

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