Walking Classes


The Dog Classroom offers two different walking classes for you and your dog! These classes have been created in response to student requests and are designed for those who want to continue fine tuning their loose-leash walking and recall skills. To register for a class online, see instructions below. If you need help to register please email us.

Walkin' & Recall

This class continues with the skills learned in Beginning with Basics and The Next Step but with a specific focus on loose leash walking, heeling and recalls. We also incorporate some new Parkour skills to add enrichment to your walks.


We alternate between different locations around the city to work on loose leash walking and Lilac Grove for recall practice in the fenced in one-acre park.


Students love the variety of locations and find this course gives them an opportunity to get training advice in real life situations. 



Prerequisite: The Next Step

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Click on your preferred start date to sign up through our secure online registration system. Payment can be completed online or arrangements can be made to pay in person.


All class prices are including HST

Walkin' & Greetin'

This class is a spin on our regular Walkin & Recall but with the added bonus of greeting other dogs and people while around town!

In this course, you will work with your instructor to create a plan specifically for you and your dog. With a focus on what you WANT your dog to do when they greet and socialize with people and other dogs!



Prerequisite: The Next Step